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Sarah Irvin - Platform Manager/Project Leader

Born and raised in the outback of Ormondville, Sarah is familiar with red-bands, Shetland ponies and shepherds pie. As the second oldest among four children and now mother to two of her own little dragons- she is no stranger to family life and the challenges Kiwi families face.

Real Exchange has been her third baby for the last eighteen months and bringing it to life has been a roller-coaster of challenges and anticipation. The mere fact that you are here on the site (which must now be live!) and taking the time to read this is brilliant! welcome!

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Amy Sherlock - Chief Creative / Head Graphic Designer

Amy hails from the mighty Wanganui. There she chased field mice, poured frothy beer and completed a bachelors degree in Computer Graphic Design. Since then she has crossed the ditch to contaminate the Australian population where she owns a successful design company.

Amy is also launching a stationery line and is co-founder of a Women in Business networking platform. She is known for her straight firing truths, unfaltering work ethic and creative mind.